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C46 Sounds.

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  • C46 Sounds.

    Found these sounds on to put in the C46 and let me tell you they work Treat.

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Sound
    FS2004/FSX Real P&W R-2800 Fastcats Sound Pack
    [ Download | View ]

    Name: Size: 19,162,063 Date: 01-11-2011 Downloads: 1,355
    FS2004/FSX Real P&W R-2800 Fastcats Sound Pack. High quality, Pratt & Whitney R2800 soundpack using authentic recordings only, exclusively for fast, twin engined aircraft: Tigercat, Invader, etc. This release is the response to test flying the truly remarkable Grumman F7 Tigercat by Milton Shupe. By Nigel Ric

    Kindest Regards

    Sean McRandle,
    Buffalo Airways Virtual
    Private Pilot | EGBP & EGTW

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    Thanks, Sean.
    Now, if we could just get a more modern panel for it, we would be set. Sure would love to have one with two modern Nav radios, an ILS, a couple of NDB radios, and GPS.


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      The C-46 is an old fs2002 model and is currently stretched on what can be done to it. The virtual cockpit is coded for low resolution so any changes show up blurred or pixelated and any updating is futile.


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        I found textures for this aircraft with fixes to the appearance of the 2D and VC cockpits (may resolve your issues with stretching and pixelation but not blurring). What you need is a better version of the 1024background c46.bmp and panelc-46.bmp files. Try these out:

        I also want to add that the VCockpit entry in the panel.cfg refers to 1024background c46.bmp so when you change that background, it updates the look of the VC. Usually these are built-in to the model but with this one, the bmp file for the VC resides in the panel directory.

        As for sound packs, I found a decent one on a website but their cockpit sounds were horrible so I modified it to use the external sounds for the cockpit and it was a lot better. You can download my modified C-46 sounds here as an alternative to the FS2004 Real P&W sounds:
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          Just installed that sound back in both FSX and 9 ... super, thanks. I just love the typical hesitation in the first few cranks!


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            Hey Howard i changed the panel config file, so when you Shift+2 to bring up the radio it will come up with 2 VHF radios, 2 Nav radios, an ILS, and GPS Autopilot. Its no change to the actual VC but. Can email it 2 u if you wish


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              Yes, please do. Would love to try it.


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                alrighty, private message me your email and ill send the panel.cfg file


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                  Hi Matthew...Would you mind sending a copy of that to me. I'd like to try it

                  My e-mail address is---



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                    can we have some SS of the cockpit??


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                      Originally posted by BFL0268 - Howard Walker View Post
                      Now, if we could just get a more modern panel for it, we would be set.
                      I've built one a while ago:

                      4:3 aspect ratio

                      16:10 widescreen

                      FS2004 Curtiss C-46 Commando Panel. A new 2D panel for Calclassic's Curtiss C46 Commando. The VC remains unaltered. This panel isn't intended to represent a certain C-46's panel. It tries to create a layout of an aircraft operating today with some upgraded avionics and makes extensive use of Calclassic's DC-6 gauges (included), created by Ken Mitchell and Tom Gibson. Different panel bitmaps for 4:3 and 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio included. By Markus Hellwig.



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                        I already made a panel and aircraft cfg. update for the c-46. The panel and aircraft cfg are up in the file room. The panel is just an update 2d panel. The vc cant be changed unless you fool around with the model cfg. file. As for the aircraft cfg. I add more power for the c-46 so i handles similar to the DC-3. Here is a pic of the panel: