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FSX config optimizer and software crash reducer

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  • FSX config optimizer and software crash reducer

    I've been flying with FSX quite some time now and became sick and tired of all the game crashes and video rendering issues. The more addons you have teh more crashes came out of it. An the AVSIM forums I bumped into Jesus 'Bojote' Altuve. He made a website with a FSX configurator that optimizes your FSX for your specific hardware and makes it run smoother. Also the crashrate dropped down immensly.

    Just have a look its free without registering:

    FSX config optimizer

    Another interesting thread you might want to look at when you have FSX installed on a 64b Vista or W7 machine it the following:


    Before editing or replacing files make backups. These files helped me and might help you. If you find these changes not bringing you any good then just replace the files by the backups and all is back to the state it was before altering your FSX.

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    Beware of the FSX config optimizer. It adds a lot of junk to your fsx.CFG that is not required. Most of those tweaks are pretty useless in obtaining a smooth simulation and decent FPS. See my thread at the following:

    UIAutomationCore.dll is absolutely a must in FSX if you don't want the context menus to crash your simulation. You may also consider adding msvcr70.dll and msvcr71.dll to your main FSX folder along with UIAutomationCore.dll because some addons look for those DLL files and they may not be installed on your machine.
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