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  • FSX scenery

    Hey everyone, maybe I should have taken the time to actually read the forum to see if this was posted elsewhere but here goes ...

    Being an avid fan of Ultimate Terrain, with all the versions for fs9, does anyone know if its compatible with FSX??

    Been so long since I installed them that I can't remember .. I really want to run X but all my installed scenery is FS9 ..

    No rush for an answer , I'll still take X out for a spin today regardless

    Rickie D .. your thoughts? Long time no talk buddy

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    Erm... I think Ultimate Terrain does a seperate program for FSX.

    & Rick is no longer a member, he asked to be removed.


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      The Fs9 UT will not work in FSX and thus FSX UTX wont work in Fs9. Big thing is Fs9 is like a flat earth and FSX is the curvature pole to pole which you can circumnavigate without hitting a wall like Fs9. so the LC class or in this case UT is different in both sims.


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        Thanks Tim, I thought that was the case but my memory is getting weak ... Thanks too Thomas for the input, and no more Rickie D?? Uh-oh .. now who can I compete with