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A freeware Vampire.

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  • A freeware Vampire.

    This Vampire has only just been released over at Simviation. The Cockpit is Just the F-18 Hud that comes with fsx acceleration but it does have a vc which is ok. However the model is great for a freeware.

    This is FSX Freeware and has not been tested on fs04 yet.

    Give it a go and see what you think.
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    That's my favorite Vampire. She doesn't work in Fs2004 as she is native FSX.


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      It's a beauty to behold, that's for sure.

      However, I find flying an IFR route and landing the thing in IFR conditions is not easy. I took her for a spin earlier tonight and had to go missed the first time I tried to land. I then went into a VFR pattern and did a touch-n-go before trying a proper RNAV approach again. It takes some time getting used to it... (That's why I asked for a training flight to be added on the schedule).
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