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Carenado - repaint for TURBO COMMANDER

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  • Carenado - repaint for TURBO COMMANDER

    Hi fellow pilots,

    sorry - long time no hear but Covid makes everything crazy - even and specially my working place ELLX. While for pax - only - airlines actually it is absolute strange, quite & "uncofortable" the cargo - biz runs like hell. So since months I spent much more time with working & keeping it running instead if flying...

    Okay - enough excuses, heading for the question:

    Is there a Carenado repaint available for the turbo commander? I searched excessively but without success. Unfortunately I can`t do one by myself. But maybe somebody around here is willing to do it...? It would be very nice and highly appreciated.

    Best regards & always 3 greens - Immanuel

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    Hi Immanuel!

    Great to hear from you, thanks for doing your part to keep everything moving also!

    In our downloads section, listed under "Texture Files for Prepar3d V4"there is a repaint, last one listed. It will work in FSX, but not on the lite version of the Carenado 690 if my memory is correct.
    Operations Manager


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      Dear William,

      thx so much - I simply overlooked it. Did not know yet that P3D - paints also work with FSX. Will give it a try .-)

      Actually there`s winter at our tarmac. For sure not comparable with the Northwest Territories but already too much for Luxembourg. Just have been notified from CV regarding our most important flight tonight:

      "Dear Dream-Team,

      Please note due to LIAC LX-VCN, and inclimate winter weather
      this evening in Luxembourg, we have overnight
      delayed LX-VCN
      CV6104/14JAN LUX-GYD-TPE-BKK
      with new ETD 0445z 15JAN

      Thks for your understanding."


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        Another Carenado 690B repaint of a Buffalo bird (#104, C-FNRP) can be found in this package on Simviation:

        Simviation account required (can be free):

        These HD repaints are intended for use on the Carenado Turbo Commanders. This package represents air attack and birddog operators for aerial firefighting for 4 operators. 2 Canadian, 1 Australian, and 1 US operator. Air Spray, Buffalo Airways, NSW RFS, and USFS. Additional packs are expected. Created in P3Dv4.5, but will likely work wherever you have your Turbo Commanders installed, FSX or P3D. Repaints by Nicholas Mitchell.
        Posted Oct 8, 2020 19:27 by Nicholas Mitchell
        Last edited by BFL5095 - William Dietrich; 01-14-2021, 08:22 PM.
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          Wow - that`s superior support man!! Thx again