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    I am sure there are probably lots of people that already use this but for those that dont thought I would put it up.

    Airtrack is an App for iPhone and iPad that allows you to control your aircraft away from your desk. I personally use it mainly as a PFD as I only have a mediocore system with an average size screen so zooming out to see all the gauges in the VC can be a pain. I also use it to set my Nav and Radios as I find it alot easier. You can also setup an online account and put PDFs' on your account such as aerodrome charts and bring them up aswell.

    It is a bit costly for an App, its £17.49 but when you look at the price of say a Saitek radio panel it starts to look quite appealling. It does have to be on the same network as your FSX system so there is no popping to the shops with phone in hand being able to continue flying and it does crash maybe once every four or five flights but only take about 20 seconds to start up again.



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    If anyone uses this on the iPhone give me a shout as I am now having problems thanks.

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      Hi Carl,

      I am using this app on the IPAD and Iphone, i am sure other would love this app as well

      Still having problems?



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        Hi Andres,
        I contacted them and it seems to have stopped aslong as I dont run it till I have started engines and lined up.

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          I love this app =) got it on ipad and iphone took a while before i found out that you start it ingame with opening 2d cockpit xD