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Modifications to the CL-215

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  • Modifications to the CL-215

    I have just introduced myself to the "BAV TC Canadair CL215" and I found there are a couple of minor problems with the aircraft.
    Firstly in the "Radio Panel" the standby radio settings do not work, ie, when you change frequency the only the main frequency changes.
    I have changed the following lines in the "aircraft.cfg" file and now they work correctly.


    Audio.1 = 1
    Com.1 = 1, 1
    Com.2 = 1, 1
    Nav.1 = 1, 1, 1
    Nav.2 = 1, 1, 0

    The second problem, for me anyway, is that I cannot read DME. Now this might be my failing eyesite, but I had a chat with the maintenance engineer and with a little metal work
    and a couple of hours labour came up with the following modification the the "Panel.cfg".

    gauge47=KingAir!Dme, 440,629,90,44

    The second modification is for the 2D panel.


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    Good job Barry. Works a treat.
    The freq problema also effects some other aircraft, so must have a look at their cfg files too.



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      Yippee. Same fix works for the Electra radios too.
      Thanks Barry.



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        Very nice. Jil, Paul can you please add these fixes to the list and get them updated and re-uploaded when able?


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          The radio fix seems pretty simple and effective. Pending Paul's feedback, I do not see a problem with this.

          As for using the King Air's DME panel, we'll see how that fits within the "realism" boundaries and/or figure out something to get it fixed. I personally never noticed this so I am not sure how things look before and after.


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            Thanks for all the suggestions, perhaps it would be more productive if these tweaks etc. are passed on to Jil or myself via email rather than posting in the forum for other people to mod. From experience this causes problems because not all of our members can carry out mods and often end up in difficulty, with their flightsim crashing etc.