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    Hey everyone,

    I am very happy to bring to your attention an online tool that allowed Rachael and myself, so far, to double our FPS in FSX.

    With my PC, I used to run FSX at 40-50 FPS with sliders one notch below max. 2 days ago, FSX started suffering from huge FPS drops all the way down to 8-10 FPS.

    I tried deleting the config file and such, but with no help until I remember this online tool which can be found here:

    You basically input into the website your PC's characteristics, upload your config file, and then the website will optimize your config file and allow you to download it. It will also make a backup of your config file and keep it for 24 hours, BUT I ADVISE EVERYONE TO MAKE THEIR OWN BACKUP JUST IN CASE.

    Once downloaded, copy the new config file and paste it in %AppData%\Microsoft\FSX\

    I will post the results below and try to keep them updated through your feedback:

    Rachael Whiteford: From 10 FPS to 25-30 FPS, and from 25-30 to 59 FPS
    Jil Amine: From 10-19 FPS to 37-50 FPS

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    Yup, he's right. It's flippin awesome.

    My LAPTOP which I normally just use for testing paintwork.... which is an ATI HD4250 gfx, 2.3ghz dual core with 2gig of ram went from average 8-10fps, to 25 average, lowest, 18, peak, 30fps. nearly tripped...

    my main PC for fsx, which is an NVIDIA 8800 GTX, 2.8 dual core, 4 gig of ram, went from say... 25fps average, to a peak of 59fps in ORBX terrain... the lowest it got in an orbx urban area, was 25, which is insanity.

    A lot of the changes it makes are not selectable in fsx sliders, infact, they do very little, this little tool makes the manual changes available easy, and adds some more, the difference is total. I highly recomend its use.

    As Gilles says, Its recomended to back up your fsx.cfg to a backup folder in the FSX appdata directory, just to be safe (chances are you'll point and laugh at it later) but to clarify his instructions, when you upload your file, and it finishes, download the new one which is in text format.

    Open your non backup fsx.cfg, delete all contents, then copy paste the whole text file into it, save, done. First load takes a bit while fsx works out its now a superhuman, then its all plain sailing.

    This nicely deals with texture blurring and load rates by removing a lot of the physical caps fsx places. Its nearly tripped three machine's performance, which is a good indicator of its merit.

    (Also consider I tested both machines with default aircraft and terrain, then both with carenado aircraft and orbx. just... wow. In perspective, its good enough for me to install orbx australia now on my laptop. Win


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      Originally posted by BFL1275 - Rachael Whiteford View Post
      As Gilles says, Its recomended to back up your fsx.cfg to a backup folder in the FSX appdata directory, just to be safe (chances are you'll point and laugh at it later)
      You got that right!



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        I went through the Low FPS problem again even after I used the optimized config file, but I FULLY fixed it this time by disabling multicore optimization from FSCopilot.

        I had the setting enabled before without noticing, and as I scoured through my settings, I found it to be enabled.

        As soon as I disabled it, and with my new optimized .cfg file, I went back to 37 FPS with dense autogen and high settings.