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An interview with Kelly Jurasevich

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  • An interview with Kelly Jurasevich

    Interview with Kelly Jurasevitch – Base Manager, Yellowknife

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and on behalf of all at Buffalo Airways Virtual, we welcome you to our community that actually feels a part of your Real World Airline.

    Q1. What are your earliest memories of Buffalo Airways?
    A1. I had no idea what I was going to do, I was quite confused and lost, I just met all of these guys and they took me under their wing and said don’t worry about it and away we went. You know I have such a good crew that’s one of my biggest memories and the other one was of Arnie and how he was just so good to me. He took really good care of me; I think that that’s what’s keeping me there.

    Q2. The Rampies seem to work really hard. What was your first job at Buffalo?
    A2. My first job was learning how to run the forklift and load the airplanes, I was so nervous because these old forklifts are as old as the airplanes, I was so terrified that I was going to hit that airplane, but they were good, they guided me, ‘come on Kel’, ‘its OK’ and pretty soon I was the one teaching everyone else. It worked out but I was pretty nervous! – It’s a lot of work, especially when its -50 working on that forklift, when it’s not enclosed, wow, its cold! You learn to respect those boys out there; it’s so hard on them.

    Q3. Ice Pilots North West Territories was a huge hit on Television. How did the show interfere with your daily operations?
    A3. At first it was really awkward and uncomfortable, I don’t like my picture been taken, I remember this one guy Lionel who was on the show, saying you’ll get used to it, I was like no, I’ll never get used to it, but you know, he was right, I am used to it now, they are my friends now, I don’t even know that they are there now… I’ve met so many people that come and want to meet me, I’ve had people who have sent my gifts from New Zealand and all over, It has been a real positive experience!

    Q4. You appear to be very close to Captain Arnie Schreder; could you possibly tell us how he is doing as we know that he was seriously ill in 2010?
    A4. I speak with Arnie quite often, he means everything to me, Arnie just finished his last Radiation Treatment 2 days ago (31/03/2011), he’s pretty weak right now but we are hoping that he can get his Strength up, everyday were praying for him, I try to keep him up to date with the planes and Buffalo, he loves to hear about it – I try not to talk about the illness with Arnie, try to keep him upbeat, he loves the stories and bull s*** about Buffalo Joe and how much of an ass he’s been today; just try to cheer Arnie up! (Arnie is currently in BC at the moment, he was going to be working part time for Buffalo but cannot at the moment due to his illness)

    Q5. What has been your best experience so far at Buffalo Airways?
    A5. The community, learning about how remote these people are, how they depend on Buffalo for just about anything, it was really an eye-opener for me because I didn’t realise the world still worked lived like that, for me to be part of that team to get all of their supplies and things like that, it’s been an honour and I really respect how they live. It’s pretty interesting. When they had the fire in FGH (Fort Good Hope) I became really close to the people up there, when I actually had the honour to go up there and stay with them and do what I could, to help the store running again, bringing toys and food up at Christmas time was great, I was pretty honored to be part of that.

    Q6. Which is your favorite aircraft out of the Buffalo fleet?
    A6. Well of course, I love the C-46, that is my favorite, that’s the one I deal with the most, I’ve been on the DC-3, DC-4, Electra but I don’t know, it’s something about the C-46, It seems so tough, it’s a pretty amazing aircraft!

    Q7. Have you heard about Buffalo Airways Virtual and if you have what do you think of our community/virtual airline?
    A7. No, I have not, this is a first for me, but I find it really awesome! I’m actually going to look right now. *Explained about the DC-4 World Tour* - Wow, That’s incredible! Can I have your website?

    Q8. What is the most interesting piece of cargo you have ever come across?
    A8. People order a lot of chips, I actually had to send a tombstone and I didn’t want the tombstone getting anything piled on it so I had to pile all of these chips on top because they were the softest thing I could find, so we had to take all of these chips off at the destination, just to get at the tombstone, with the people standing there, it was kind of awkward, even though it was interesting too.

    Q9. Many of the guys at Buffalo Airways Virtual were concerned to hear that smoking was causing you problems, have you managed to quit and do you have any tips?
    A9. No! It’s quite interesting though, I don’t smoke as much when I’m not at Buffalo, at home or out / on vacation but as soon as I’m back there, I start Power Smoking, I think it’s just something in my head, I’ve tried, tried, tried, everything, I think the only thing which will help me next is to cut my hands off! I don’t know what else to do, maybe tape my lips shut although then I’ll probably smoke out my nose, I don’t know, it’s ridiculous.

    Q10. Kelly, you have been kind enough to answer my questions. Is there any question that you would like to ask us?
    A10. Nope, Just in shock that I haven’t heard of your guys! I guess I live in that warehouse too much I need to get out a bit more. You guys do sound very interesting to me though.

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    Great Intervirw Thomas, thanks for giving your time Kelly. And of course our best wishes to Arnie....



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      Wow...thats really great, thanks for sharing the interview.
      Let me also say thank you Kelly and will keep Arnie in our prayers.



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        Awesome interview....thank you for taking the time out of your busy day Kelly!!


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          Great interview Thomas and thanks for sharing your time with us Kelly, and all our best wishes for Arnie´s recovery.


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            I will add, I asked Kelly to past on best wishes from all the guys at Buffalo Airways Virtual, she said she would do it later that day when she phoned him.



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              Splendid interview Thomas, Kelly should be an inspiration to all woman, shes a workhorse, hope she finds a way to pack in those cigs though, nasty habit, very best wishes to Arnie as well. Will you be making the interviews a feature here at BAV?


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                Originally posted by BFL0152 - Mark Beale View Post
                Splendid interview Thomas, Kelly should be an inspiration to all woman, shes a workhorse, hope she finds a way to pack in those cigs though, nasty habit, very best wishes to Arnie as well. Will you be making the interviews a feature here at BAV?
                Thankyou very much sir! We are definately going to try, although its quite hard to catch them when they are not at work, the pilots that is.